Article 2

Are you ready? ..

What will you dress up as?..

Here is a BTS shot i took from a haunted hospital in Los Angeles, Ca. that we shot our clothing collection in back in 2010. in the photo we have the beautiful Lunden Mihalic and dreamy Elias Brett…

Fun fact: While on site, a ghost visited my assistant in the bathroom and kicked open the stall door, startled, she yelled back “what the f***” and then looked out of the stall to find absolutely no one there. we spent the rest of the day and night going to the bathroom in “teams” ..

Funny side note they were also filming a soft core porn in the opposite haunted building…hmm..wonder if the ghosts visited them?.

Here we have the awesome Corrin Evans in an intense smokey eye paired with a 1940’s style caplet and Lor-e Phillips custom hat. shot by me in my true creepy way. Featuring Goldie the nude doll. Happy Halloween